Sports Massage/Spinal Manipulation

Deep Tissue ‘Remedial’ or ‘Therapeutic’ Massage is a perfect complement to movement rehabilitation, dealing with aches and pains and most importantly, the prevention of recurring conditions.

25 years experience.

Spinal manipulation can support the reduction of pain, increase the sensation of mobility and support the work of soft tissue massage and physical rehabilitation.  You will be asked if this is something you would like included as part of your treatment and if so, a few more screening checks will be necessary.

(Trained by OMT Training in both Osteopathic and Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation)

Appointments are available in Bitterne Village, Southampton.

£177 for 6 x 1 hour long sessions or –

£40 1 hour/ £35 45 minutes/ £30 30 minutes

Call or text 07919 286419 for an appointment.

Big respect for Marie-Claire, her knowledgeable teacher training, the course was great….. it has given me some really useful extras to incorporate into each of the various levels of classes I teach. Tracey, Mini Balls Course

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