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Laura Heda


Laura Heda

My Pilates journey officially started in 2017 however previous to this I had been unknowingly taking part in exercises and classes that were inspired by the discipline.

Having danced since the age of 3 I have always had a passion for movement and the benefits it brings to the mind, body and soul. I originally trained in Pilates to further my anatomical understanding of how the body moved, and have applied this knowledge in teaching Ballet and Contemporary Dance. At the same time my dance training has enabled me to have a good eye for Pilates technique, so be rest assured in my class I will make sure you are performing exercises as safely as possible whilst promoting the appearance of an elegant and effortless execution! I like to incorporate humour, metaphors and imagery in my class, as well as focusing on what your body and mind can achieve with a little ‘encouragement’. I cater for all abilities, ages and confidence levels. My lovely Monday night class are the dream team – do come and join us 6:45pm at The Chapel, Royal Victora Country Park.



Nina Privett


Nina Privett

I qualified to teach Pilates with Marie-Claire and YBFIT Training in 2019 but I have a long history of exercise participation, with activities ranging from Aerial Silks and Hoop to Ballroom Dancing and Yoga.  I have done many years of Pilates and as such, have  lots experience learning from a wide range of teachers.  I like to bring all my experiences to my class choreography and I aim to deliver overall body conditioning, in a calm but fun environment.  I currently teach the ONLINE Weds 7pm class, so no need to even leave the house to attend!

In 2020 (despite EVERYTHING) I also managed passed my Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga with Marie-Claire and YBFIT Training and hope to be teaching my own classes very soon but for now, I am helping out by covering classes for other instructors. I am fully Qualified in Ante and Post Natal Exercise and am happy to include pregnancy and post-pregnancy in my classes.  If you have concerns, please contact me through the website using my name as the subject.




Suzanne Pilcher

Suzanne has been a huge fan of Pilates for 15 years, dedicating herself to reformer training every week before she finally took the plunge in 2021 to undertake her underpinning Level 3 Pilates matwork qualification with Marie-Claire and YBFIT Training. She is just about to start her reformer training and complete her metamorphosis from ‘enthusiastic practitioner’ to ‘highly trained professional’. Suze will be offering group classes in the Winchester area and supporting TMS with reformer cover, as well as hopefully taking some private clients in the Winchester area as well. We are delighted to have Suzanne with us and look forward to the future possibilities for the Team as a whole.




Faye Davey

I  initially trained as a ballet dancer and performer but I turned my hand to Sports Massage and Teaching Pilates about 10 years ago. I trained with Marie-Claire  in Pilates and have been teaching ever since, whilst raising  my 2 awesome kids.

I am a new but very keen runner and often enter extreme endurance events like the Peak District marathon and I also love to dance socially; mainly Ceroc.

My classes will challenge your precision and strength whilst remaining empathic towards individual need and restriction. Join me on a Tuesday night , 7pm at JD Studio or book in for a Sports Massage in TMS Rooms upstairs at JD Studio.

Use the contact form to enquire.




Deanna White

When I first moved to Southampton, I was looking for something to get me out of the office of a  lunchtime… I found a Pilates studio around the corner and went to that, not really knowing what it was, but I loved it immediately; the HUGE sense of accomplishment after each class is real!  I was encouraged to train as a Pilates teacher because of my enthusiasm for it, so I did!

I’ve been qualified for eight years now; I regard Pilates as my absolute favourite hobby and teach evenings as I still sit down all day in an office, even MORE reason to do lots of lovely Pilates!

Over the years I have attended further teacher training, taken numerous courses/workshops, and have qualified further in Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients, and Adapting Exercise for Independently Active, Older People.




John Hoy

Hi my name is John Hoy. I am a retired Regional Bank Manager. I was born in Essex and mostly worked in London before retiring to Southampton. I am a keen runner having an Essex County Medal for cross country running and 5 London Marathon medals including one from the first event in 1981. However,my running is now restricted to 5ks in order to protect my knees. I also cycle, dance Modern Jive and Argentine Tango, water ski and, of course, practice Pilates!

Last year a Pilates teacher did not turn up and I took the class. Having enjoyed the experience I decided to become a qualified Pilates Instructor and that,I have now achieved.

Pilates keeps you supple and strong and is the perfect partner for any athlete, warding off injuries – particularly important for veteran athletes. That is not to say that it is not good for the less active, quite the contrary, and I have a particular goal of encouraging more men to take up Pilates in order to, at least maintain, if not improve, muscular strength and suppleness,  together with bone density. There are, of course many other advantages and the men (beginners) that I have taught to date have told me just how much better they feel in themselves after a 6 week course.

 I will be  popping in and out of classes to provide cover support to  the TMS Team where I can and look forward to meeting you all then.




Alex Walker

My love of Pilates began in 2012 with a referral from a physiotherapist after a painful back injury. I found that pilates was just what I needed to heal and get stronger, and after about 6 months I was completely pain free. I’m passionate about encouraging others to explore how Pilates can transform your body, strengthen you and bring relief from pain and injury, just as it did for me.

After 7 years being a participant I took the plunge and trained to be a Pilates instructor, completing my training with YBFIT just before the pandemic hit in January 2020, and in March 2020 training in pre- and post-natal exercise.

In my classes I like to focus on getting the basics right, slowing down the movements and really enjoying the challenge of this beautiful form of exercise.




Mandie Webb

Mandie has been a prolific fitness professional in Southampton for many years, teaching everything from Zumba to Body Balance, Pilates, Yoga and Pump.  She has a reputation for bringing just the right kind of energy to any session that she is delivering and we are so happy that she is teaching Yoga on a Monday night for TMS in The Chapel.

Big respect for Marie-Claire, her knowledgeable teacher training, the course was great….. it has given me some really useful extras to incorporate into each of the various levels of classes I teach. Tracey, Mini Balls Course

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