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It was during a routine massage that Marie-Claire spotted something slightly unusual with my daughter’s back, which could explain some of her underlying physical issues.  Georgia is fit and sporty, but has a pre-disposition to knee injuries and has complained of a ‘granny-back’ for many years, without anybody finding a specific cause for it.  We asked Marie-Claire to undertake a complete assessment of her physically – which she did in both standing and moving postures, as well as asking her pertinent questions about her habits.  From this report Marie-Claire was able to see what was happening and why, and how best to address the various weaknesses and misalignments.  This was all put in a detailed report.  Specific remedial exercises were given, along with explanations as to how this would help Georgia to prevent injuries in the future.   On top of what is evidently a very sound knowledge of bodily movement, I found Marie-Claire’s passion and enthusiasm to get to the heart of the issue contagious, which ignited my teenager’s enthusiasm to look after herself by following through and actually doing the exercises – the most key part to addressing the issue!  Marie-Claire got Georgia on her side, and has suggested a follow-up in a couple of months as she knows from experience, that without the awareness of a follow-up, the chances of a teenager’s attitude slipping is pretty high.  Having applied the exercises, Georgia noticed a strengthening in a particularly weak area within a very short time.  This has not only improved Georgia’s resistance to injury, but even more importantly it has given her the understanding that she can take responsibility for her own well-being if she chooses to!  I had no hesitation in booking Georgia’s assessment with Marie-Claire, as I had done pilates with her weekly for around 10 years – during that time, seeing all around me benefit from her very personalised way of teaching.   We were shown how exercise outcomes were just as dependent on body shape and specific muscle weaknesses, and thus we were always learning something more about ourselves as we moved.  If you are not moving quite right, I would recommend an assessment with Marie-Claire to counter whatever’s going on, before it becomes a real problem for you.  

Big respect for Marie-Claire, her knowledgeable teacher training, the course was great….. it has given me some really useful extras to incorporate into each of the various levels of classes I teach. Tracey, Mini Balls Course

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